Commit a84c1050 authored by Tobias Rapp's avatar Tobias Rapp
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amd64: Added function stub for Bitcast node

parent bf79bbd4
......@@ -2393,6 +2393,12 @@ static ir_node *gen_Proj_Builtin(ir_node *proj)
panic("Builtin %s not implemented", get_builtin_kind_name(kind));
static ir_node *gen_Bitcast(ir_node *node)
panic("Bitcast NIY\n");
/* Boilerplate code for transformation: */
static void amd64_register_transformers(void)
......@@ -2402,6 +2408,7 @@ static void amd64_register_transformers(void)
be_set_transform_function(op_Add, gen_Add);
be_set_transform_function(op_Address, gen_Address);
be_set_transform_function(op_And, gen_And);
be_set_transform_function(op_Bitcast, gen_Bitcast);
be_set_transform_function(op_Builtin, gen_Builtin);
be_set_transform_function(op_Call, gen_Call);
be_set_transform_function(op_Cmp, gen_Cmp);
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