Commit abe4f6a6 authored by Manuel Mohr's avatar Manuel Mohr
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statev_sql: Remove unused variables.

parent 8f92253b
......@@ -145,14 +145,11 @@ class EmitSqlite3(EmitBase):
marks = ",".join(["?"] * len(ctxcols))
self.ctxinsert = "insert into `%s` (%s) values (%s)" % (self.ctxtab, keys, marks)
self.nextid = 0
def ev(self, curr_id, evitems):
self.execute(self.evinsert, (curr_id,) + tuple(evitems))
def ctx(self, ctxitems):
curr_id = self.nextid
self.nextid += 1
self.execute(self.ctxinsert, tuple(ctxitems))
return self.cursor.lastrowid
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