Commit ad16256a authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Merge blocks to preserve keep-alive edges.

This fixes opt/fehler211.c and opt/fehler212.c.
parent aa92a9fc
......@@ -476,9 +476,9 @@ static void optimize_blocks(ir_node *b, void *ctx)
in[n_preds++] = predpred;
/* Remove block+jump as it might be kept alive. */
/* Remove jump and merge blocks as they might be kept alive. */
exchange(pred, new_r_Bad(get_irn_irg(b), mode_X));
exchange(predb, new_r_Bad(get_irn_irg(b), mode_BB));
exchange(predb, b);
} else {
/* case 3: */
in[n_preds++] = pred;
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