Commit adf42c90 authored by Götz Lindenmaier's avatar Götz Lindenmaier
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bugfix and additional case for optimization.

May we skip casts when checking for exception after alloc?  I think so.

parent df7e9676
......@@ -381,7 +381,8 @@ static int optimize_load(ir_node *load)
else if (get_irn_op(ptr) == op_Alloc) {
else if ((get_irn_op(skip_Proj(ptr)) == op_Alloc) ||
((get_irn_op(ptr) == op_Cast) && (get_irn_op(skip_Proj(get_Cast_op(ptr))) == op_Alloc))) {
/* simple case: a direct load after an Alloc. Firm Alloc throw
* an exception in case of out-of-memory. So, there is no way for an
* exception in this load.
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