Commit b02497e2 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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tv: Correct tarval_abs(): |-0.0| and |-NAN| result in +0.0 and +NAN now.

parent 967b522b
......@@ -1014,8 +1014,7 @@ ir_tarval *tarval_abs(ir_tarval *a)
return a;
case irms_float_number:
if (fc_comp((const fp_value*) a->value,
(const fp_value*) get_mode_null(a->mode)->value) == -1) {
if (fc_is_negative((fp_value const*)a)) {
fc_neg((const fp_value*) a->value, NULL);
return get_tarval_overflow(fc_get_buffer(), fc_get_buffer_length(), a->mode);
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