Commit b1270e2d authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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place duplicates after perm

parent f9aa77e6
......@@ -291,8 +291,8 @@ static void set_regs_or_place_dupls_walker(ir_node *bl, void *data) {
pin it
ir_node *perm = get_Proj_pred(arg);
ir_node *orig_val = get_irn_n(perm, get_Proj_proj(arg));
ir_node *dupl = be_new_Copy(cls, chordal_env->irg, arg_block, orig_val);
ir_node *dupl = be_new_Copy(cls, chordal_env->irg, arg_block, arg);
ir_node *ins;
/* this is commented out because it will fail in case of unknown float */
#if 0
......@@ -310,7 +310,9 @@ static void set_regs_or_place_dupls_walker(ir_node *bl, void *data) {
set_irn_n(phi, i, dupl);
set_reg(dupl, phi_reg);
sched_add_before(perm, dupl);
/* skip the Perm's Projs and insert the copies behind. */
for(ins = sched_next(perm); is_Proj(ins); ins = sched_next(ins));
sched_add_before(ins, dupl);
pin_irn(dupl, phi_block);
DBG((dbg, LEVEL_1, " arg is pinned: insert %+F(%s)\n", dupl, get_reg(dupl)->name));
} else {
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