Commit b3ebaf81 authored by Christian Würdig's avatar Christian Würdig
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added missing source file

parent 04d00146
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ SOURCES = $(arch)_new_nodes.c $(arch)_new_nodes.h gen_$(arch)_new_no
gen_$(arch)_emitter.c gen_$(arch)_emitter.h $(arch)_emitter.c $(arch)_emitter.h \
bearch_$(arch).c gen_$(arch)_regalloc_if_t.h gen_$(arch)_regalloc_if.h gen_$(arch)_regalloc_if.c \
$(arch)_transform.c $(arch)_transform.h $(arch)_gen_decls.c $(arch)_gen_decls.h \
$(arch)_map_regs.c $(arch)_map_regs.h
$(arch)_map_regs.c $(arch)_map_regs.h $(arch)_transform_conv.c $(arch)_transform_conv.h
include $(topdir)/MakeRules
CPPFLAGS += -I$(top_srcdir)/ir/adt -I$(top_srcdir)/ir/ir -I$(top_srcdir)/ir/common \
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