Commit b60f6105 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Restore comment, which was lost in r26362.

parent b7a5ce5b
......@@ -40,7 +40,6 @@ typedef struct tarval tarval, *ir_tarval_ptr;
typedef struct ir_enum_const ir_enum_const, *ir_enum_const_ptr;
typedef struct ir_type ir_type, *ir_type_ptr;
typedef struct ir_graph ir_graph, *ir_graph_ptr;
typedef struct ir_prog ir_prog, *ir_prog_ptr;
typedef struct ir_loop ir_loop, *ir_loop_ptr;
typedef struct ir_region ir_region, *ir_region_ptr;
typedef struct ir_reg_tree ir_reg_tree, *ir_reg_tree_ptr;
......@@ -57,6 +56,23 @@ typedef struct type_identify_if_t type_identify_if_t;
typedef struct ir_graph_pass_t ir_graph_pass_t;
typedef struct ir_prog_pass_t ir_prog_pass_t;
* Data structure that holds central information about a program
* or a module.
* One irp is created by libFirm on construction, so irp should never be NULL.
* - main_irg: The ir graph that is the entry point to the program.
* (Anything not reachable from here may be optimized away
* if this irp represents a whole program.
* - irg: List of all ir graphs in the program or module.
* - type: A list containing all types known to the translated program.
* Some types can have several entries in this list (as a result of
* using exchange_types()).
* - glob_type: The unique global type that is owner of all global entities
* of this module.
typedef struct ir_prog ir_prog, *ir_prog_ptr;
typedef struct ir_graph_pass_manager_t ir_graph_pass_manager_t;
typedef struct ir_prog_pass_manager_t ir_prog_pass_manager_t;
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