Commit b6bbfaeb authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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use ir_type from call instead of the type from the symconst entity in mapper

parent 05ec7841
......@@ -691,9 +691,7 @@ int i_mapper_strcmp(ir_node *call, void *ctx) {
ir_node *irn = NULL;
ir_node *exc = NULL;
ir_node *reg = NULL;
ir_node *adr = get_Call_ptr(call);
ir_entity *ent = get_SymConst_entity(adr);
ir_type *call_tp = get_entity_type(ent);
ir_type *call_tp = get_Call_type(call);
ir_type *res_tp = get_method_res_type(call_tp, 0);
ir_entity *ent_l, *ent_r;
ir_type *char_tp;
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