Commit b9215710 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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don't rewire keep_alive edges as they often violate SSA dominance properties

parent bc350520
......@@ -372,11 +372,11 @@ void be_ssa_construction_fix_users_array(be_ssa_construction_env_t *env,
if(env->ignore_uses != NULL &&
ir_nodeset_contains(env->ignore_uses, use))
if(is_Anchor(use) || is_End(use))
if(is_Phi(use)) {
ir_node *block = get_nodes_block(use);
ir_node *block = get_nodes_block(use);
ir_node *predblock = get_Block_cfgpred_block(block, pos);
at = sched_last(predblock);
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