Commit bae07c01 authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Enqueue Phi nodes to reach fixpoint.

parent 566be3ad
......@@ -115,10 +115,21 @@ static void enqueue_users(ir_node *n, pdeq *waitq)
const ir_edge_t *edge;
foreach_out_edge(n, edge) {
ir_node *succ = get_edge_src_irn(edge);
ir_node *succ = get_edge_src_irn(edge);
const ir_edge_t *edge2;
enqueue_node(succ, waitq);
if (get_irn_mode(succ) == mode_T) {
/* Also enqueue Phis to prevent inconsistencies. */
if (is_Block(succ)) {
foreach_out_edge(succ, edge2) {
ir_node *succ2 = get_edge_src_irn(edge2);
if (is_Phi(succ2)) {
enqueue_node(succ2, waitq);
} else if (get_irn_mode(succ) == mode_T) {
/* A mode_T node has Proj's. Because most optimizations
run on the Proj's we have to enqueue them also. */
enqueue_users(succ, waitq);
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