Commit bc43d836 authored by sebastian.buchwald1's avatar sebastian.buchwald1
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Introduce local variable.

parent 6ea09ff3
......@@ -587,10 +587,12 @@ static int cmp_stack_dependency(const void *c1, const void *c2)
be_stack_change_t const *const s2 = (be_stack_change_t const*)c2;
/* Sort blockwise. */
ir_node *const b1 = get_nodes_block(s1->before);
ir_node *const b2 = get_nodes_block(s2->before);
if (b1 != b2)
return get_irn_idx(b2) - get_irn_idx(b1);
ir_node *const b1 = s1->before;
ir_node *const b2 = s2->before;
ir_node *const bl1 = get_nodes_block(b1);
ir_node *const bl2 = get_nodes_block(b2);
if (bl1 != bl2)
return get_irn_idx(bl2) - get_irn_idx(bl1);
/* If one change chain does not produce a new value, it must be the last. */
ir_node *const n1 = s1->after;
......@@ -603,9 +605,9 @@ static int cmp_stack_dependency(const void *c1, const void *c2)
/* If one change chain is data dependent on the other, it must come later.
* The after nodes cannot be dependent on each other, because they are unused.
* So compare after of one with before of the other. */
if (dependent_on(n1, s2->before))
if (dependent_on(n1, b2))
return 1;
if (dependent_on(n2, s1->before))
if (dependent_on(n2, b1))
return -1;
/* The nodes have no depth order, but we need a total order because qsort()
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