Commit bcff0e33 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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BugFix: - there is only ONE proj_m to replace

parent 816e7e07
......@@ -263,10 +263,7 @@ static void do_opt_tail_rec(ir_graph *irg, tr_env *env) {
* ok, we are here, so we have build and collected all needed Phi's
* now exchange all Projs into links to Phi
for (p = data.proj_m; p; p = n) {
n = get_irn_link(p);
exchange(p, phis[0]);
exchange(data.proj_m, phis[0]);
for (p = data.proj_data; p; p = n) {
long proj = get_Proj_proj(p);
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