Commit bd81af02 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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cdep: Remove unnecessary start block test.

The start block has no predecessors, so the subsequent loop will not be entered.
parent 9091dbe0
......@@ -94,24 +94,16 @@ static void add_cdep(ir_node *node, ir_node *dep_on)
typedef struct cdep_env {
ir_node *start_block;
ir_node *end_block;
} cdep_env;
* Pre-block-walker: calculate the control dependence
static void cdep_pre(ir_node *node, void *ctx)
cdep_env *env = (cdep_env*) ctx;
ir_node *const end_block = (ir_node*)ctx;
int i;
/* special case:
* start and end block have no control dependency
if (node == env->start_block) return;
if (node == env->end_block) return;
/* Special case: The end block has no control dependency. */
if (node == end_block) return;
for (i = get_Block_n_cfgpreds(node) - 1; i >= 0; --i) {
ir_node *pred = get_Block_cfgpred_block(node, i);
......@@ -150,9 +142,6 @@ static int cdep_edge_hook(FILE *F, ir_node *block)
void compute_cdep(ir_graph *irg)
ir_node *rem;
cdep_env env;
cdep_data = XMALLOC(cdep_info);
......@@ -165,18 +154,17 @@ void compute_cdep(ir_graph *irg)
the ipdom of the startblock is the end block.
Firm does NOT add the phantom edge from Start to End.
env.start_block = get_irg_start_block(irg);
env.end_block = get_irg_end_block(irg);
rem = get_Block_ipostdom(env.start_block);
set_Block_ipostdom(env.start_block, env.end_block);
ir_node *const start_block = get_irg_start_block(irg);
ir_node *const end_block = get_irg_end_block(irg);
ir_node *const rem = get_Block_ipostdom(start_block);
set_Block_ipostdom(start_block, end_block);
irg_block_walk_graph(irg, cdep_pre, NULL, &env);
irg_block_walk_graph(irg, cdep_pre, NULL, end_block);
(void) cdep_edge_hook;
/* restore the post dominator relation */
set_Block_ipostdom(env.start_block, rem);
set_Block_ipostdom(start_block, rem);
void free_cdep(ir_graph *irg)
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