Commit bda1b5e3 authored by Z. Gilboa's avatar Z. Gilboa Committed by Christoph Mallon
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Makefile: Also install dynamic library.

parent 8120d7a7
...@@ -180,14 +180,14 @@ clean: ...@@ -180,14 +180,14 @@ clean:
PREFIX ?= /usr/local PREFIX ?= /usr/local
INSTALL ?= install INSTALL ?= install
install: $(libfirm_a) install: $(libfirm_a) $(libfirm_dll)
$(INSTALL) -d "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm" $(INSTALL) -d "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm"
$(INSTALL) -m0644 include/libfirm/*.h "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm" $(INSTALL) -m0644 include/libfirm/*.h "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm"
$(INSTALL) -m0644 "$(gendir)"/include/libfirm/*.h "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm" $(INSTALL) -m0644 "$(gendir)"/include/libfirm/*.h "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm"
$(INSTALL) -d "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm/adt" $(INSTALL) -d "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm/adt"
$(INSTALL) -m0644 include/libfirm/adt/*.h "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm/adt" $(INSTALL) -m0644 include/libfirm/adt/*.h "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/include/libfirm/adt"
$(INSTALL) -m0644 $< "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/lib" $(INSTALL) -m0644 $^ "$(INSTALLPREFIX)/lib"
# Ensure all output directories are created # Ensure all output directories are created
UNUSED1 := $(shell mkdir -p $(libfirm_BUILDDIRS)) UNUSED1 := $(shell mkdir -p $(libfirm_BUILDDIRS))
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