Commit be60c592 authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Do not use computed_value() in constbits analysis.

computed_value() uses some non-trivial patterns (Confirm nodes etc.)
that break the assumption that the transfer function only looks at its
direct operands.

This fixes opt/fehler313.c.
parent e246b188
......@@ -337,15 +337,6 @@ repeatphi:
goto undefined;
/* leverage compute_value_node_XXX knowledge */
ir_tarval *computed = computed_value(irn);
if (tarval_is_constant(computed)) {
z = o = computed;
goto set_info;
} else if (computed == tarval_bad) {
goto undefined;
switch (get_irn_opcode(irn)) {
case iro_Bad:
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