Commit bf8e498d authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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deactivate/activate are also called for EDGE_KIND_DEP, fix edges_activate for dependency edges

parent dac91d21
......@@ -549,7 +549,12 @@ void edges_activate_kind(ir_graph *irg, ir_edge_kind_t kind)
info->activated = 1;
edges_init_graph_kind(irg, kind);
irg_walk_anchors(irg, init_lh_walker, build_edges_walker, &w);
if (kind == EDGE_KIND_DEP) {
irg_walk_anchors(irg, init_lh_walker, NULL, &w);
irg_walk_anchors(irg, NULL, build_edges_walker, &w);
} else {
irg_walk_anchors(irg, init_lh_walker, build_edges_walker, &w);
visit_all_identities(irg, visitor, &w);
......@@ -834,11 +839,13 @@ void edges_init_dbg(int do_dbg) {
void edges_activate(ir_graph *irg) {
edges_activate_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_NORMAL);
edges_activate_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_BLOCK);
edges_activate_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_DEP);
void edges_deactivate(ir_graph *irg) {
edges_deactivate_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_NORMAL);
edges_deactivate_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_DEP);
edges_deactivate_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_BLOCK);
edges_deactivate_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_NORMAL);
int edges_assure(ir_graph *irg) {
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