Commit c3bca446 authored by Andreas Zwinkau's avatar Andreas Zwinkau
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remove bads in backend

Like the comment says "we can't have Bad-blocks".
However, optimize_cf does not remove them anymore.
parent 4bc87216
......@@ -610,10 +610,11 @@ static void be_main_loop(FILE *file_handle, const char *cup_name)
dump(DUMP_ABI, irg, "abi");
/* we have to do cfopt+remove_critical_edges as we can't have Bad-blocks
* or critical edges in the backend */
/* We can't have Bad-blocks or critical edges in the backend.
* Before removing Bads, we remove unreachable code. */
/* We often have dead code reachable through out-edges here. So for
* now we rebuild edges (as we need correct user count for code
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