Commit c416fbd2 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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irverify: allow Proj mode_P for array parameters

(This really shouldn't be allowed but until lower_calls is fixed this
should at least get complex working on sparc/arm)
parent 4d3e8960
......@@ -574,12 +574,13 @@ static int verify_node_Proj_Proj(const ir_node *p)
(proj < (int)get_method_n_params(mt)),
"More Projs for args than args in type", 0
if ((mode_is_reference(mode)) && is_compound_type(get_method_param_type(mt, proj)))
ir_type *param_type = get_method_param_type(mt, proj);
if (mode_is_reference(mode) && (is_compound_type(param_type) || is_Array_type(param_type)))
/* value argument */ break;
if (!irg_is_constrained(get_irn_irg(pred), IR_GRAPH_CONSTRAINT_BACKEND)) {
(mode == get_type_mode(get_method_param_type(mt, proj))),
(mode == get_type_mode(param_type)),
"Mode of Proj from Start doesn't match mode of param type.", 0,
show_proj_mode_failure(p, get_method_param_type(mt, proj));
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