Commit c49a4ae4 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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removed the arm_transform_env_t structure

parent 2feb851d
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......@@ -43,17 +43,4 @@ typedef struct _arm_irn_ops_t {
} arm_irn_ops_t;
/* this is a struct to minimize the number of parameters
for transformation walker */
typedef struct _arm_transform_env_t {
arm_code_gen_t *cg; /**< current code generator */
dbg_info *dbg; /**< The node debug info */
ir_graph *irg; /**< The irg, the node should be created in */
ir_node *block; /**< The block, the node should belong to */
ir_node *irn; /**< The irn, to be transformed */
ir_mode *mode; /**< The mode of the irn */
DEBUG_ONLY(firm_dbg_module_t *mod;) /**< The firm debugger */
} arm_transform_env_t;
#endif /* _BEARCH_ARM_T_H_ */
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