Commit c8ede840 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Remove the now unused function ia32_emit_am_or_dest_register().

parent 1b7f4183
......@@ -424,16 +424,6 @@ void ia32_emit_x87_binop(const ir_node *node) {
void ia32_emit_am_or_dest_register(const ir_node *node,
int pos) {
if(get_ia32_op_type(node) == ia32_Normal) {
ia32_emit_dest_register(node, pos);
} else {
assert(get_ia32_op_type(node) == ia32_AddrModeD);
* Emits registers and/or address mode of a unary operation.
......@@ -45,7 +45,6 @@ void ia32_emit_xmm_mode_suffix_s(const ir_node *node);
void ia32_emit_extend_suffix(const ir_mode *mode);
void ia32_emit_cmp_suffix_node(const ir_node *node, int flags_pos);
void ia32_emit_binop(const ir_node *node);
void ia32_emit_am_or_dest_register(const ir_node *node, int pos);
void ia32_emit_unop(const ir_node *node, int pos);
void ia32_emit_am(const ir_node *node);
void ia32_emit_x87_binop(const ir_node *node);
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