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Remove unused map_Abs().

parent 8a16899b
......@@ -350,58 +350,6 @@ static int map_Minus(ir_node *call, void *ctx)
return 1;
#if 0
* Map a Abs (a_l, a_h)
static int map_Abs(ir_node *call, void *ctx)
dbg_info *dbg = get_irn_dbg_info(call);
ir_node *block = get_nodes_block(call);
ir_node **params = get_Call_param_arr(call);
ir_type *method = get_Call_type(call);
ir_node *a_l = params[BINOP_Left_Low];
ir_node *a_h = params[BINOP_Left_High];
ir_mode *l_mode = get_type_mode(get_method_res_type(method, 0));
ir_mode *h_mode = get_type_mode(get_method_res_type(method, 1));
ir_mode *mode_flags = ia32_reg_classes[CLASS_ia32_flags].mode;
ir_node *l_res, *h_res, *sign, *sub_l, *sub_h;
ir_node *sign_l;
ir_node *l_sub;
ir_node *flags;
(void) ctx;
Code inspired by gcc output :) (although gcc doubles the
operation for t1 as t2 and uses t1 for operations with low part
and t2 for operations with high part which is actually unnecessary
because t1 and t2 represent the same value)
t1 = SHRS a_h, 31
t2 = a_l ^ t1
t3 = a_h ^ t1
l_res = t2 - t1
h_res = t3 - t1 - carry
/* TODO: give a hint to the backend somehow to not create a cltd here... */
sign = new_rd_Shrs(dbg, block, a_h, new_r_Const_long(irg, l_mode, 31), h_mode);
sign_l = new_rd_Conv(dbg, block, sign, l_mode);
sub_l = new_rd_Eor(dbg, block, a_l, sign_l, l_mode);
sub_h = new_rd_Eor(dbg, block, a_h, sign, h_mode);
l_sub = new_bd_ia32_l_Sub(dbg, block, sub_l, sign_l, mode_T);
l_res = new_r_Proj(l_sub, l_mode, pn_ia32_res);
flags = new_r_Proj(l_sub, mode_flags, pn_ia32_flags);
h_res = new_bd_ia32_l_Sbb(dbg, block, sub_h, sign, flags, h_mode);
resolve_call(call, l_res, h_res, current_ir_graph, block);
return 1;
#define ID(x) new_id_from_chars(x, sizeof(x)-1)
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