Commit cd68f004 authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Use be_get_or_make_Proj_for_pn, since the Proj may already exists.

This fixes multiple tests with -O0.
parent 48bdced2
...@@ -3094,9 +3094,9 @@ static ir_node *try_get_sub_flags(ir_node *cmp, ir_node *sub, bool *swap) ...@@ -3094,9 +3094,9 @@ static ir_node *try_get_sub_flags(ir_node *cmp, ir_node *sub, bool *swap)
ir_node *ia32_sub = skip_Proj(transform_sub_or_store(sub)); ir_node *ia32_sub = skip_Proj(transform_sub_or_store(sub));
if (is_ia32_Sub(ia32_sub)) { if (is_ia32_Sub(ia32_sub)) {
return be_new_Proj(ia32_sub, pn_ia32_Sub_flags); return be_get_or_make_Proj_for_pn(ia32_sub, pn_ia32_Sub_flags);
} else if (is_ia32_SubMem(ia32_sub)) { } else if (is_ia32_SubMem(ia32_sub)) {
return be_new_Proj(ia32_sub, pn_ia32_SubMem_flags); return be_get_or_make_Proj_for_pn(ia32_sub, pn_ia32_SubMem_flags);
} else { } else {
panic("unknown variant of Sub at %+F", ia32_sub); panic("unknown variant of Sub at %+F", ia32_sub);
} }
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