Commit ced365e6 authored by Raphael von der Grün's avatar Raphael von der Grün Committed by yb9976
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proc_cloning: Simplfy walk over all nodes of all irgs

parent 929d93cf
......@@ -600,9 +600,7 @@ void proc_cloning(float threshold)
hmap.heavy_uses = NULL;
/* initially fill our map by visiting all irgs */
foreach_irp_irg(i, irg) {
irg_walk_graph(irg, collect_irg_calls, NULL, &hmap);
all_irg_walk(collect_irg_calls, NULL, &hmap);
/* We have the "Call" nodes to optimize in set "set_entries". Our algorithm
replace one constant parameter and make a new "Call" node for all found "Calls". It exchange the
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