Commit cfe914f5 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Rename variables named entc to something more appropriate.

parent bd265fc0
......@@ -193,12 +193,12 @@ static void replace_by_Const(ir_node *const node, long const value)
* Lower an Offset node.
static void lower_offset(ir_node *const entc)
static void lower_offset(ir_node *const offset)
/* rewrite the Offset node by a Const node */
ir_entity *const ent = get_Offset_entity(entc);
ir_entity *const ent = get_Offset_entity(offset);
assert(get_type_state(get_entity_type(ent)) == layout_fixed);
replace_by_Const(entc, get_entity_offset(ent));
replace_by_Const(offset, get_entity_offset(ent));
......@@ -3284,13 +3284,13 @@ static void apply_result(ir_node *irn, void *ctx)
} else if (is_entity(node->type.ent)) {
if (!is_Address(irn)) {
/* can be replaced by an Address */
ir_node *entc = new_r_Address(current_ir_graph, node->type.ent);
set_irn_node(entc, node);
node->node = entc;
ir_node *addr = new_r_Address(current_ir_graph, node->type.ent);
set_irn_node(addr, node);
node->node = addr;
DB((dbg, LEVEL_1, "%+F is replaced by %+F\n", irn, entc));
exchange_leader(irn, entc);
DB((dbg, LEVEL_1, "%+F is replaced by %+F\n", irn, addr));
exchange_leader(irn, addr);
env->modified = 1;
} else if (is_Confirm(irn)) {
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