Commit d02eeb66 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Do not call a global variable mcount.

Profiling uses a magic function named mcount.
When profiling libFirm, these two symbols with the same name lead to strange problems.
parent 7f446a85
......@@ -485,12 +485,12 @@ static const arch_irn_ops_t ia32_irn_ops = {
static ir_entity *mcount = NULL;
static int gprof = 0;
static void ia32_before_abi(ir_graph *irg)
if (gprof) {
static ir_entity *mcount = NULL;
if (mcount == NULL) {
ir_type *tp = new_type_method(0, 0);
ident *id = new_id_from_str("mcount");
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