Commit d0811197 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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C99 feature removed.

parent 9b9bfcf4
......@@ -1159,10 +1159,11 @@ static be_gas_section_t determine_section(be_gas_decl_env_t *env,
ir_type *owner = get_entity_owner(entity);
if (owner == get_segment_type(IR_SEGMENT_GLOBAL)) {
ir_linkage linkage;
if (is_method_entity(entity))
ir_linkage linkage = get_entity_linkage(entity);
linkage = get_entity_linkage(entity);
if (linkage & IR_LINKAGE_CONSTANT) {
/* mach-o is the only one with a cstring section */
if (be_gas_object_file_format == OBJECT_FILE_FORMAT_MACH_O
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