Commit d0e0079b authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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Fixed new_d_defaultProj(), handle Bad predecessor.

parent c4276b16
......@@ -586,9 +586,10 @@ ir_node *new_d_Const_long(dbg_info *db, ir_mode *mode, long value)
ir_node *new_d_defaultProj(dbg_info *db, ir_node *arg, long max_proj)
ir_node *res;
assert(is_Cond(arg) || is_Bad(arg));
assert(get_irg_phase_state(current_ir_graph) == phase_building);
arg->attr.cond.default_proj = max_proj;
if (is_Cond(arg))
arg->attr.cond.default_proj = max_proj;
res = new_d_Proj(db, arg, mode_X, max_proj);
return res;
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