Commit d1a3dc4e authored by Sebastian Hack's avatar Sebastian Hack
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Fixed a bug

parent 8c5c3ebc
......@@ -2599,18 +2599,22 @@ luke_interferencewalker(ir_node * bb, void * data)
ir_node *a = be_lv_get_irn(si->lv, bb, l1);
op_t *a_op = get_irn_link(a);
if(a_op->is_remat) continue;
/* a is only interesting if it is in my register class and if it is inside a phi class */
if (has_reg_class(si, a) && get_phi_class(a)) {
for(l2=_be_lv_next_irn(si->lv, bb, 0xff, l1+1); l2>=0; l2=_be_lv_next_irn(si->lv, bb, 0xff, l2+1)) {
ir_node *b = be_lv_get_irn(si->lv, bb, l2);
op_t *b_op = get_irn_link(b);
if(b_op->is_remat) continue;
/* a and b are only interesting if they are in the same phi class */
if(has_reg_class(si, b) && get_phi_class(a) == get_phi_class(b)) {
if(values_interfere_in_block(si, bb, a, b)) {
DBG((si->dbg, LEVEL_4, "\tvalues interfere in %+F: %+F, %+F\n", bb, a, b));
set_insert_interference(si, si->interferences, a, b, bb);
......@@ -4101,6 +4105,8 @@ be_spill_remat(const be_chordal_env_t * chordal_env)
lpp_set_time_limit(si.lpp, ILP_TIMEOUT);
lpp_set_log(si.lpp, stdout);
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