Commit d29a0dbd authored by Hannes Rapp's avatar Hannes Rapp
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- fixed: new_r_Proj/new_rd_Proj args changed

parent 22a68e3d
......@@ -476,8 +476,8 @@ static const arch_register_t *sparc_abi_prologue(void *self, ir_node **mem,
ir_node *save = new_bd_sparc_Save(NULL, block, sp_proj, *mem, SPARC_MIN_STACKSIZE);
*stack_bias -= SPARC_MIN_STACKSIZE;
sp_proj = new_r_Proj(block, save, sp->reg_class->mode, pn_sparc_Save_stack);
*mem = new_r_Proj(block, save, mode_M, pn_sparc_Save_mem);
sp_proj = new_r_Proj(save, sp->reg_class->mode, pn_sparc_Save_stack);
*mem = new_r_Proj(save, mode_M, pn_sparc_Save_mem);
arch_set_irn_register(sp_proj, sp);
be_abi_reg_map_set(reg_map, sp, sp_proj);
......@@ -293,7 +293,7 @@ static ir_node *gen_Mul(ir_node *node) {
mul = gen_helper_binop(node, MATCH_COMMUTATIVE | MATCH_SIZE_NEUTRAL, new_bd_sparc_UMul_reg, new_bd_sparc_UMul_imm);
// TODO: throws an error - check why
proj_res_low = new_rd_Proj(dbgi, block, mul, mode_Iu, pn_sparc_UMul_low);
proj_res_low = new_rd_Proj(dbgi, mul, mode_Iu, pn_sparc_UMul_low);
return proj_res_low;
//return gen_helper_binop(node, MATCH_COMMUTATIVE | MATCH_SIZE_NEUTRAL, new_bd_sparc_Mul_reg, new_bd_sparc_Mul_imm);
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