Commit d2e702fe authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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add support for stabs arguments

parent dd3d379f
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
#include "../besched_t.h"
#include "../benode_t.h"
#include "../beabi.h"
#include "../be_dbgout.h"
#include "ia32_emitter.h"
......@@ -2134,10 +2135,11 @@ static void ia32_emit_func_prolog(FILE *F, ir_graph *irg, ia32_emit_env_t *emit_
entity *irg_ent = get_irg_entity(irg);
const char *irg_name = get_entity_ld_name(irg_ent);
cpu_support cpu = emit_env->isa->opt_arch;
const be_irg_t *birg = emit_env->cg->birg;
fprintf(F, "\n");
ia32_switch_section(F, SECTION_TEXT);
be_dbg_method(emit_env->cg->birg->main_env->db_handle, irg_ent);
be_dbg_method(birg->main_env->db_handle, irg_ent, be_abi_get_stack_layout(birg->abi));
ia32_emit_align_func(F, cpu);
if (get_entity_visibility(irg_ent) == visibility_external_visible) {
fprintf(F, ".globl %s\n", irg_name);
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