Commit d3dcbe1c authored by Andreas Zwinkau's avatar Andreas Zwinkau
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Remove equivalent_node_Block

Fixes opt/localopts2

Because of Phis blocks cannot be equivalent. The cfopt must do all
block merging.

For example, consider the case where block A has one predecessor
block B, which contains a Jmp. Naively, we might exchange(A,B).
However, A might contain a Phi with one operand, then the graph
is broken afterwards, since we move the Phi into B as well.
parent adaf9f4c
......@@ -1510,6 +1510,7 @@ static void fix_address_of_parameter_access(be_abi_irg_t *env, ir_graph *irg,
/* the new memory Proj gets the last Proj from store */
set_Proj_pred(nmem, store);
set_Proj_proj(nmem, pn_Store_M);
set_nodes_block(nmem, get_nodes_block(store));
/* move all entities to the frame type */
frame_tp = get_irg_frame_type(irg);
......@@ -661,72 +661,6 @@ static ir_op_ops *firm_set_default_computed_value(ir_opcode code, ir_op_ops *ops
#undef CASE
} /* firm_set_default_computed_value */
* Returns a equivalent block for another block.
* If the block has only one predecessor, this is
* the equivalent one. If the only predecessor of a block is
* the block itself, this is a dead block.
* If both predecessors of a block are the branches of a binary
* Cond, the equivalent block is Cond's block.
* If all predecessors of a block are bad or lies in a dead
* block, the current block is dead as well.
static ir_node *equivalent_node_Block(ir_node *n)
ir_node *oldn = n;
int n_preds;
ir_graph *irg;
/* don't optimize labeled blocks */
if (has_Block_entity(n))
return n;
if (!get_Block_matured(n))
return n;
n_preds = get_Block_n_cfgpreds(n);
irg = get_irn_irg(n);
/* Straightening: a single entry Block following a single exit Block
* can be merged. */
if (n_preds == 1) {
ir_node *pred = get_Block_cfgpred(n, 0);
if (is_Jmp(pred)) {
ir_node *pred_block = get_nodes_block(pred);
DBG_OPT_STG(n, pred_block);
return pred_block;
} else if (n_preds == 2) {
/* Test whether Cond jumps twice to this block
* The more general case which more than 2 predecessors is handles
* in optimize_cf(), we handle only this special case for speed here.
ir_node *a = get_Block_cfgpred(n, 0);
ir_node *b = get_Block_cfgpred(n, 1);
if (is_Proj(a) && is_Proj(b)) {
ir_node *cond = get_Proj_pred(a);
if (cond == get_Proj_pred(b) && is_Cond(cond) &&
get_irn_mode(get_Cond_selector(cond)) == mode_b) {
/* Also a single entry Block following a single exit Block.
* Phis have twice the same operand and will be optimized away.
n = get_nodes_block(cond);
DBG_OPT_IFSIM1(oldn, a, b, n);
return n;
} /* equivalent_node_Block */
/* We do not evaluate Cond here as we replace it by a new node, a Jmp.
See transform_node_Proj_Cond(). */
* Optimize operations that are commutative and have neutral 0,
* so a op 0 = 0 op a = a.
......@@ -1576,7 +1510,6 @@ static ir_op_ops *firm_set_default_equivalent_node(ir_opcode code, ir_op_ops *op
switch (code) {
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