Commit d4846b5b authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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lower_dw: More elaborate comment on why we do not split parameter entities

parent 62dc2b04
......@@ -1520,10 +1520,12 @@ static void fix_parameter_entities(ir_graph *irg, ir_type *orig_mtp)
ir_mode *mode = get_type_mode(tp);
if (needs_lowering(mode)) {
/* note that we do not change the type of the parameter
* entities, as calling convention fixup later still needs to
* know which is/was a lowered doubleword.
* So we just mark/remember it for later */
/* Note that we cannot split the parameter entity up, because
* we have to guarantee that we have a continuous 64bit entity.
* As an example imaging an arm function with the first half
* of the doubleword ending up in a register, the 2nd half
* on the stack. If we would have split the entities they would
* not end up continuously. */
if (entity != NULL) {
entity->attr.parameter.is_lowered_doubleword = true;
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