Commit d6463651 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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dump calling convention and additional properties for method types

parent dc8b01d7
......@@ -783,6 +783,8 @@ void dump_type_to_file(FILE *F, ir_type *tp)
case tpo_method:
if (verbosity & dump_verbosity_typeattrs) {
mtp_additional_properties mtp = get_method_additional_properties(tp);
unsigned cconv = get_method_calling_convention(tp);
fprintf(F, "\n variadicity: %s", get_variadicity_name(get_method_variadicity(tp)));
fprintf(F, "\n return types: %lu",
(unsigned long) get_method_n_ress(tp));
......@@ -797,6 +799,46 @@ void dump_type_to_file(FILE *F, ir_type *tp)
ir_type *ptp = get_method_param_type(tp, i);
ir_fprintf(F, "\n %+F", ptp);
fprintf(F, "\n properties:");
if (mtp & mtp_property_const)
fputs(" const", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_pure)
fputs(" pure", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_noreturn)
fputs(" noreturn", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_nothrow)
fputs(" nothrow", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_naked)
fputs(" naked", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_malloc)
fputs(" malloc", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_returns_twice)
fputs(" returns_twice", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_intrinsic)
fputs(" intrinsic", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_runtime)
fputs(" runtime", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_private)
fputs(" private", F);
if (mtp & mtp_property_has_loop)
fputs(" has_Loop", F);
fprintf(F, "\n calling convention:");
if (cconv & cc_reg_param)
fputs(" regparam", F);
if (cconv & cc_last_on_top)
fputs(" last_on_top", F);
if (cconv & cc_callee_clear_stk)
fputs(" calle_clear_stk", F);
if (cconv & cc_this_call)
fputs(" this_call", F);
if (cconv & cc_compound_ret)
fputs(" compound_ret", F);
if (cconv & cc_frame_on_caller_stk)
fputs(" frame_on_caller_stk", F);
if (cconv & cc_fpreg_param)
fputs(" fpreg_param", F);
if (get_method_variadicity(tp)) {
fprintf(F, "\n ...");
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