Commit d6624b6e authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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simplify+fix is_arch_XXX() functions

parent 3cfc2618
......@@ -542,13 +542,13 @@ foreach my $op (keys(%nodes)) {
# Create opcode
$obst_opvar .= "ir_op *op_$op = NULL;\n";
$obst_get_opvar .= "ir_op *get_op_$op(void) { return op_$op; }\n";
$obst_get_opvar .= "int is_$op(const ir_node *n) { return get_$arch\_irn_opcode(n) == iro_$op; }\n\n";
$obst_get_opvar .= "bool is_$op(const ir_node *n) {\n";
$obst_get_opvar .= "\treturn get_irn_op(n) == op_$op;\n";
$obst_get_opvar .= "}\n\n";
$obst_header .= <<EOF;
extern ir_op *op_${op};
ir_op *get_op_${op}(void);
int is_${op}(const ir_node *n);
bool is_${op}(const ir_node *n);
my $attr_type= $n{attr_type};
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