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......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@
/****i* tv/implementation
* Christian von Roques
* Matthias Heil
......@@ -6,41 +6,6 @@
/* $Id$ */
Discussion of new interface, proposals by Prof. Waite:
(email of 13.6.2001)
> 1. You say that you plan to replace the tv module. That replacement is
> absolutely essential for an ANSI C translator: Section of the
> standard says that the representation of an integer_constant depends
> upon its value as well as any suffixes that are attached to it. The
> possible Firm modes for such a constant are i, I, l, and L. The
> current tv module provides only one integer conversion routine, and
> that requires conversion by the client. Since the type of the value
> argument is long, this may preclude the representation of an unsigned
> long constant.
> There is a similar problem with floating constants. Floating
> constants can be suffixed in C, and the mode depends upon the suffix.
> It can indicate that the constant is of type long double, which your
> current tv module is incapable of representing.
> Your tv module interface accepts two kinds of information: modes and
> values. Values obtained from the program text might be uninterpreted
> strings, strings interpreted as integers, and strings interpreted as
> reals. Values provided by the compiler are usually integers. Modes are
> always Firm modes. It seems to me that the tv module should provide
> tarval* constructors for three of the four kinds of values. Each of these
> constructors should have an ir_mode parameter and one or more parameters
> appropriate for the kind of value. As is currently the case, one
> constructor should be provided for both compiler-generated integers and
> source strings interpreted as integers. (This avoids problems of
> different conversion radices -- the client does the conversion.) For
> symmetry, the constructor for source strings interpreted as reals should
> accept a long double parameter and require the client to do the
> conversion.
#ifndef _TV_H_
#define _TV_H_
......@@ -56,7 +21,6 @@ Discussion of new interface, proposals by Prof. Waite:
* Internal representation for machine values.
* Christian von Roques
* Matthias Heil
/* Declarations for Target Values.
Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 Christian von Roques */
/* Declarations for Target Values. */
* @file tv_t.h
* @author Christian von Roques
* @author Mathias Heil
/* $Id$ */
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