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......@@ -48,17 +48,25 @@ as well as unfinished backends for MIPS, ARM, and AMD64.
Prerequisites for the build:
* python (2.6.x, 2.7.x or >=3.3 are supported)
* python (2.7.x or >=3.3 are supported)
* perl
* an ANSI C99 compiler (gcc, clang, icc are known to work)
Building on unix variants/cygwin:
2.1 Build using make
1. Change into the directory containing libfirms source
2. Create a directory named build 'mkdir build'. Change into this directory
and execute the configure script. 'cd build ; ../configure'
3. Type 'make' to compile the package
4. You may install libfirm as super user by typing 'make install'
Just type 'make' inside libfirms source directory. The results are put into a
directory called "build". You can override the existing preprocessor, compiler
and linker flags by creating a 'config.mak' file.
2.2 Using cmake
libfirm supports a cmake build system. CMake is a complexer build system than
the makefile based build and most libfirm developers do not use it. However it
can adapt the compiler and linker flags to build shared libraries for a wider
range of systems, provides an installation target and is often more familiar
for people preparing packages for distribution.
3. Usage
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