Commit d93e4a04 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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dump postdom info in vcg graphs

parent 158e3e9a
......@@ -137,9 +137,14 @@ void dump_irnode_to_file(FILE *F, ir_node *n)
fprintf(F, " block marked: %u\n", get_Block_mark(n));
if (get_irg_dom_state(get_irn_irg(n)) != dom_none) {
fprintf(F, " dom depth %d\n", get_Block_dom_depth(n));
fprintf(F, " tree pre num %d\n", get_Block_dom_tree_pre_num(n));
fprintf(F, " domtree pre num %d\n", get_Block_dom_tree_pre_num(n));
fprintf(F, " max subtree pre num %d\n", get_Block_dom_max_subtree_pre_num(n));
if (get_irg_postdom_state(get_irn_irg(n)) != dom_none) {
fprintf(F, " pdom depth %d\n", get_Block_postdom_depth(n));
fprintf(F, " pdomtree pre num %d\n", get_Block_pdom_tree_pre_num(n));
fprintf(F, " max pdomsubtree pre num %d\n", get_Block_pdom_max_subtree_pre_num(n));
fprintf(F, " Execution frequency statistics:\n");
if (get_irg_exec_freq_state(get_irn_irg(n)) != exec_freq_none)
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