Commit de18eba2 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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be: Only exclude ANY and T nodes from having their mode dumped.

parent baf5b832
......@@ -553,10 +553,12 @@ static void dump_node(FILE *f, const ir_node *irn, dump_reason_t reason)
case dump_node_opcode_txt:
fputs(get_irn_opname(irn), f);
case dump_node_mode_txt:
if (be_is_Copy(irn) || be_is_CopyKeep(irn))
fprintf(f, "%s", get_mode_name(get_irn_mode(irn)));
case dump_node_mode_txt: {
ir_mode *const mode = get_irn_mode(irn);
if (mode != mode_ANY && mode != mode_T)
fprintf(f, "%s", get_mode_name(mode));
case dump_node_nodeattr_txt:
if (be_is_IncSP(irn)) {
const be_incsp_attr_t *attr
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