Commit deef1ba2 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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remove more unused loop fields

parent d6822bc0
......@@ -49,11 +49,6 @@ struct ir_loop {
unsigned depth; /**< Nesting depth */
struct ir_loop *outer_loop; /**< The outer loop */
loop_element *children; /**< Mixed flexible array: Contains sons and loop_nodes */
ir_tarval *loop_iter_start; /**< counting loop: the start value */
ir_tarval *loop_iter_end; /**< counting loop: the last value reached */
ir_tarval *loop_iter_increment; /**< counting loop: the increment */
ir_node *loop_iter_variable; /**< The iteration variable of counting loop.*/
void *link; /**< link field. */
#ifdef DEBUG_libfirm
long loop_nr; /**< A unique node number for each loop node to make output
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