Commit e5880a46 authored by Andreas Zwinkau's avatar Andreas Zwinkau
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Remove set_opt_optimize_class_casts declaration from API

The implementation was already deleted before

parent d37f02e9
......@@ -117,12 +117,6 @@ FIRM_API void set_opt_unreachable_code(int value);
FIRM_API void set_opt_dyn_meth_dispatch(int value);
FIRM_API int get_opt_dyn_meth_dispatch(void);
/** Enable/Disable type optimization of cast nodes.
* Controls the optimizations in tropt.h. Default: on.
FIRM_API void set_opt_optimize_class_casts(int value);
/** Restricts the behavior of cast optimization.
* If set, downcast are not optimized if they might be
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