Commit e6120d3a authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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cleanup: Use 'new_global_entity()' instead of 'new_entity()' +...

cleanup: Use 'new_global_entity()' instead of 'new_entity()' + 'set_entity_visibility()' + 'set_entity_linkage()'.
parent 8ab3e0e3
......@@ -135,13 +135,11 @@ static void add_constructor(ir_entity *method)
ir_type *const ptr_type = new_type_pointer(method_type);
ir_type *const constructors = get_segment_type(IR_SEGMENT_CONSTRUCTORS);
ident *const ide = id_unique("constructor_ptr.%u");
ir_entity *const ptr = new_entity(constructors, ide, ptr_type);
ir_entity *const ptr = new_global_entity(constructors, ide, ptr_type, ir_visibility_private, IR_LINKAGE_CONSTANT | IR_LINKAGE_HIDDEN_USER);
ir_graph *const irg = get_const_code_irg();
ir_node *const val = new_r_Address(irg, method);
set_entity_ld_ident(ptr, NEW_IDENT(""));
set_entity_visibility(ptr, ir_visibility_private);
set_atomic_ent_value(ptr, val);
......@@ -176,9 +174,10 @@ static ir_entity *get_init_firmprof_ref(void)
static ir_graph *gen_initializer_irg(ir_entity *ent_filename, ir_entity *bblock_counts, int n_blocks)
ident *const name = new_id_from_str("__firmprof_initializer");
ir_entity *const ent = new_entity(get_glob_type(), name, new_type_method(0, 0));
set_entity_visibility(ent, ir_visibility_local);
ident *const name = new_id_from_str("__firmprof_initializer");
ir_type *const owner = get_glob_type();
ir_type *const type = new_type_method(0, 0);
ir_entity *const ent = new_global_entity(owner, name, type, ir_visibility_local, IR_LINKAGE_DEFAULT);
ir_graph *const irg = new_ir_graph(ent, 0);
ir_type *const empty_frame_type = get_irg_frame_type(irg);
......@@ -360,10 +359,8 @@ static ir_entity *new_array_entity(ident *name, int size)
set_type_size(array_type, size * get_mode_size_bytes(mode_Iu));
set_type_state(array_type, layout_fixed);
ir_entity *const result = new_entity(get_glob_type(), name, array_type);
set_entity_visibility(result, ir_visibility_private);
return result;
ir_type *const owner = get_glob_type();
return new_global_entity(owner, name, array_type, ir_visibility_private, IR_LINKAGE_DEFAULT);
......@@ -381,9 +378,8 @@ static ir_entity *new_static_string_entity(ident *name, const char *string)
set_type_size(string_type, length);
set_type_state(string_type, layout_fixed);
ir_entity *const result = new_entity(get_glob_type(), name, string_type);
set_entity_visibility(result, ir_visibility_private);
set_entity_linkage(result, IR_LINKAGE_CONSTANT);
ir_type *const owner = get_glob_type();
ir_entity *const result = new_global_entity(owner, name, string_type, ir_visibility_private, IR_LINKAGE_CONSTANT);
/* There seems to be no simpler way to do this. Or at least, cparser
* does exactly the same thing... */
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