Commit e69f71ef authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Do not create duplicate Projs in ia32_try_replace_flags().

The Proj might exist already, so reuse it.
If it needs to be created, then do this once, not once per flags uers.
parent 9011e350
......@@ -573,16 +573,16 @@ static bool ia32_try_replace_flags(ir_node *consumers, ir_node *flags, ir_node *
return false;
/* We can use available if we reverse the consumers' condition codes. */
arch_set_irn_register_out(available, pn, &ia32_registers[REG_EFLAGS]);
ir_node *const proj = be_get_or_make_Proj_for_pn(available, pn);
ir_mode *const flag_mode = ia32_reg_classes[CLASS_ia32_flags].mode;
for (ir_node *c = consumers; c != NULL; c = get_irn_link(c)) {
x86_condition_code_t cc = get_ia32_condcode(c);
set_ia32_condcode(c, x86_invert_condition_code(cc));
foreach_irn_in(c, i, in) {
if (get_irn_mode(in) == flag_mode) {
ir_node *const proj = be_new_Proj_reg(available, pn, &ia32_registers[REG_EFLAGS]);
if (get_irn_mode(in) == flag_mode)
set_irn_n(c, i, proj);
return true;
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