Commit e969b6c6 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Fix typo: It is about right identities, not left ones.

parent a4d3cd5b
......@@ -1127,10 +1127,10 @@ static ir_node *equivalent_node_Add(ir_node *n)
* optimize operations that are not commutative but have neutral 0 on left,
* optimize operations that are not commutative but have right neutral 0,
* so a op 0 = a.
static ir_node *equivalent_node_left_zero(ir_node *n)
static ir_node *equivalent_node_right_zero(ir_node *n)
ir_node *oldn = n;
ir_node *b = get_binop_right(n);
......@@ -7690,9 +7690,9 @@ void ir_register_opt_node_ops(void)
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Phi, equivalent_node_Phi);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Pin, equivalent_node_Pin);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Proj, equivalent_node_Proj);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Shl, equivalent_node_left_zero);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Shr, equivalent_node_left_zero);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Shrs, equivalent_node_left_zero);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Shl, equivalent_node_right_zero);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Shr, equivalent_node_right_zero);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Shrs, equivalent_node_right_zero);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Sub, equivalent_node_Sub);
set_op_equivalent_node(op_Sync, equivalent_node_Sync);
set_op_equivalent_node_proj(op_Div, equivalent_node_Proj_Div);
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