Commit ea4bfbc9 authored by Götz Lindenmaier's avatar Götz Lindenmaier
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Added flag "peculiarity" to entity.h, type.h.

parent e080458f
......@@ -257,6 +257,20 @@ set_entity_volatility (entity *ent, ent_volatility vol) {
ent->volatility = vol;
inline peculiarity
get_entity_peculiarity (entity *ent) {
assert (ent);
assert (is_method_type(ent->type));
return ent->peculiarity;
inline void
set_entity_peculiarity (entity *ent, peculiarity pec) {
assert (ent);
assert (is_method_type(ent->type));
ent->peculiarity = pec;
/* Set has no effect for entities of type method. */
inline ir_node *
get_atomic_ent_value(entity *ent) {
......@@ -79,21 +79,26 @@ typedef struct ir_graph ir_graph;
* type The type of this entity.
* name The string that represents this entity in the source program.
* allocation A flag saying whether the entity is dynamically or statically
* allocated (values: dynamic_allocated, static_allocated).
* @@@ Does this make sense???
* allocated (values: dynamic_allocated, static_allocated,
* automatic_allocated).
* visibility A flag indicating the visibility of this entity (values: local,
* external_visible, external_allocated)
* variability A flag indicating the variability of this entity (values:
* uninitialized, initalized, part_constant, constant)
* offset The offset of the entity within the compound object. Only set
* if IR in the state "@@@" Wie nennen wir den??
* if the owner in the state "layout_fixed".
* overwrites A list of entities overwritten by this entity. This list is only
* existent if the owner of this entity is a class. The members in
* this list must be entities of super classes.
* link A void* to associate some additional inforamtion with the entity.
* link A void* to associate some additional information with the entity.
* irg If the entity is a method this is the ir graph that represents the
* code of the method.
* peculiarity The peculiarity of the entity. If the entity is a method this
* indicates whether the entity represents
* a real method or whether it only exists to describe an interface.
* In that case there nowhere exists code for this entity and this entity
* is never dynamically used in the code.
* Values: description, existent. Default: existent.
* These fields can only be accessed via access functions.
......@@ -198,6 +203,10 @@ typedef enum {
ent_volatility get_entity_volatility (entity *ent);
void set_entity_volatility (entity *ent, ent_volatility vol);
/* For the definition of enumeration peculiarity see type.h */
peculiarity get_entity_peculiarity (entity *ent);
void set_entity_peculiarity (entity *ent, peculiarity pec);
/* Set has no effect for entities of type method. */
ir_node *get_atomic_ent_value(entity *ent);
void set_atomic_ent_value(entity *ent, ir_node *val);
......@@ -62,13 +62,14 @@ struct entity {
int offset; /* Offset in byte for this entity. Fixed when layout
of owner is determined. */
void *link; /* To store some intermediate information */
unsigned long visit; /* visited counter for walks of the type information */
/* for methods */
ir_graph *irg; /* If (type == method_type) this is the corresponding irg.
The ir_graph constructor automatically sets this field.
@@@ Does this go here, or should it be in type_method,
or should Call have an attribute ent??
Yes, it must be here. */
unsigned long visit; /* visited counter for walks of the type information */
peculiarity peculiarity;
......@@ -384,6 +384,16 @@ void remove_class_supertype(type *clss, type *supertype) {
inline peculiarity get_class_peculiarity (type *clss) {
assert(clss && (clss->type_op == type_class));
return clss->;
inline void set_class_peculiarity (type *clss, peculiarity pec) {
assert(clss && (clss->type_op == type_class));
clss-> = pec;
/* typecheck */
bool is_class_type(type *clss) {
......@@ -205,6 +205,12 @@ int is_type (void *thing);
* These are dynamic lists that can be grown with an "add_" function,
* but not shrinked.
* peculiarity The peculiarity of this class. If the class is of peculiarity
* "description" it only is a description of requirememts to a class,
* as, e.g., a Java interface. The class will never be allocated.
* Values: description, existent. Default: existent.
/* create a new class type */
......@@ -263,6 +269,18 @@ void set_class_supertype (type *clss, type *supertype, int pos);
@@@ Doesn't work properly. */
void remove_class_supertype(type *clss, type *supertype);
/* This enumeration flags the peculiarity of entities and types. */
typedef enum {
description, /* Represents only a description. The entity/type is never
allocated, no code/data exists for this entity/type. */
existent /* The entity/type (can) exist. */
} peculiarity;
/* The peculiarity of the class. The enumeration peculiarity is defined
in entity.h */
inline peculiarity get_class_peculiarity (type *clss);
inline void set_class_peculiarity (type *clss, peculiarity pec);
/* typecheck */
bool is_class_type(type *clss);
......@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ typedef struct {
entity **members; /* fields and methods of this class */
type **subtypes; /* direct subtypes */
type **supertypes; /* direct supertypes */
peculiarity peculiarity;
} cls_attr;
typedef struct {
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