Commit ea963154 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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Memory leak fixed

parent d8fb82e9
...@@ -2034,6 +2034,7 @@ be_abi_irg_t *be_abi_introduce(be_irg_t *birg) ...@@ -2034,6 +2034,7 @@ be_abi_irg_t *be_abi_introduce(be_irg_t *birg)
void be_abi_free(be_abi_irg_t *env) void be_abi_free(be_abi_irg_t *env)
{ {
free_survive_dce(env->dce_survivor); free_survive_dce(env->dce_survivor);
del_pset(env->ignore_regs); del_pset(env->ignore_regs);
pmap_destroy(env->regs); pmap_destroy(env->regs);
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