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Fixed includes.

More doxygen comments added.

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......@@ -14,21 +14,25 @@
#define _FIRM_IR_PHASE_T_H
#include "firm_types.h"
#include "obstack.h"
#include "obst.h"
#include "irgraph_t.h"
#include "irtools.h"
#include "irtools.h"
* For statistics: A type containing statistic data of a phase object.
typedef struct {
unsigned node_slots;
unsigned node_slots_used;
unsigned node_data_bytes;
unsigned node_map_bytes;
unsigned overall_bytes;
unsigned node_slots; /**< The number of allocated node slots. */
unsigned node_slots_used; /**< The number of used node slots, ie. nodes that have node data. */
unsigned node_map_bytes; /**< Number of used bytes for the node map. */
unsigned overall_bytes; /**< Overall number of used bytes for the phase. */
} phase_stat_t;
* Phase statistics.
* Collect Phase statistics.
* @param phase The phase.
* @param stat Will be filled with the statistical data.
phase_stat_t *phase_stat(const ir_phase *phase, phase_stat_t *stat);
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