Commit eb47aca3 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Remove pointless local variables.

parent 702a4760
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ ir_graph *new_r_ir_graph(ir_entity *ent, int n_loc)
ir_graph *res;
ir_node *first_block;
ir_node *end, *start, *start_block, *initial_mem, *projX, *bad;
ir_node *start, *start_block, *initial_mem, *projX;
res = alloc_graph();
......@@ -212,13 +212,11 @@ ir_graph *new_r_ir_graph(ir_entity *ent, int n_loc)
/*-- Nodes needed in every graph --*/
set_irg_end_block (res, new_r_immBlock(res));
end = new_r_End(res, 0, NULL);
set_irg_end(res, end);
set_irg_end(res, new_r_End(res, 0, NULL));
start_block = new_r_Block_noopt(res, 0, NULL);
set_irg_start_block(res, start_block);
bad = new_r_Bad(res);
set_irg_bad (res, bad);
set_irg_bad (res, new_r_Bad(res));
set_irg_no_mem (res, new_r_NoMem(res));
start = new_r_Start(res);
set_irg_start (res, start);
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