Commit eed1c09d authored by Daniel Grund's avatar Daniel Grund
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changed spill costs for reloads

parent 13291cce
......@@ -526,14 +526,16 @@ static INLINE void dump_constraint(be_raext_env_t *raenv, ir_node *irn, int pos)
#define UNSPILLABLE -1
static INLINE int get_spill_costs(be_raext_env_t *raenv, var_info_t *vi) {
ir_node *irn;
int c_spills=0, c_reloads=0;
pset_foreach(vi->values, irn) {
if (arch_irn_is_ignore(raenv->aenv, irn)) {
if (arch_irn_is_ignore(raenv->aenv, irn) || be_is_Reload(irn)) {
return -1;
if (is_Phi(irn)) {
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