Commit efc1a7c4 authored by Andreas Fried's avatar Andreas Fried
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ia32: Copy flags register in turn_back_dest_am.

parent 1fae2775
......@@ -453,6 +453,13 @@ static ir_node *ia32_turn_back_dest_am(ir_node *node)
set_irn_mode(new_node, mode_T);
ir_node *const res_proj = be_new_Proj(new_node, pn_ia32_res);
/* Fix out info of the flags Proj */
ir_node *flags_proj = get_Proj_for_pn(node, pn_ia32_flags);
if (flags_proj != NULL) {
arch_register_t const *const flags_reg = arch_get_irn_register(flags_proj);
arch_set_irn_register_out(new_node, pn_ia32_flags, flags_reg);
ir_node *const store = new_bd_ia32_Store(dbgi, block, base, idx, load_mem, res_proj);
ia32_copy_am_attrs(store, node);
set_ia32_op_type(store, ia32_AddrModeD);
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